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  • 2ND Biospecimen Research Symposium

    Berlin, 5.-6. February 2019, Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin

    Focus on Quality and Standards

    After the success of the first symposium, the second symposium focused on three main sessions; (i) in-vivo pre-analytics factors, (ii) ex-vivo pre-analytics factors and (iii) microbiome, covering the most innovative topics in the field currently. The topics of this meeting were presented by experts in their respective domains. The topics included cancer research, which was also the subject of the key note lecture, employing DNA to RNA sequencing and exosome research. Special... Zobrazit více

  • Personalised Medicine in Action

    Personalised Medicine in Action

    The first conference ‘Personalised Medicine in Action’ of the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed) was held in Berlin, Germany on 20-21 November, and assembled more than 300 experts from 32 countries. At the conference best practice examples for successful implementations of personalised medicine approaches in Europe and beyond were presented.

    "The funding of basic research in the broad field of personalised medicine is starting to pay off. Our conference programme showed that today patients already... Zobrazit více

  • Biobanking, London, October 25-26, 2018

    Biobanking, London, October 25-26, 2018

    The Oxford Global team organize annually the co-events, summits, or congresses, aiming to connect related research topics. This year four events: 7th Annual Cell Culture & Bioprocessing Congress, 5th Annual Stem Cells Congress, 4th Annual Cell& Gene Therapy Congress and Biobanking Congress, took place in Novotel London West hotel and Congress Centre in London in October 25-26.

    Over 150 leading biobanking, biomarker and sample management experts came together to discuss the most recent developments within... Zobrazit více

  • 45th ISOBM Congress

    Hamburg, Germany, November 24 – 27, 2018
    Congress web page:
    Our Theme - Tumor Diagnosis and Therapy - Role of Biomarkers
    The 2018 Congress has the aim to bring together participants active in all fields of basic and clinical research in Oncology, in order to optimize clinical results in cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy.
    More than before, Biomarkers hold out promise for improving the outcome of cancer patients by optimization... Zobrazit více

  • ISBER 2018

    Dallas, USA, May 20 – 24, 2918

    Annual meeting and Exhibits
    The title of the congress was: Thinking BIG in TEXAS, with the subtitul: Seazing big opportunities in biobanking through data, collaboration and innovation.

    The 2018 Annual Meeting programe was very rich included seven symposia sessions, four oral Contributed Paper Sessions, an Innovative Technologies Sessions, and opportunuties to attend special workshops and additional Corporate Partner Symposia. Additional networking opportunities included: the welcome reception, discussions with vendors and... Zobrazit více

  • XXXIX. Immunoanalytic days

    Congress Centre Primavera Pilsen, 11th -13th March 2018

    Immunoanalytic days are one of the most important annual conferences organised by University Hospital with the collaboration of Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University. Every year foreign invited speakers participate form many countries and make the conference more attractive.

    This year more than 160 participants form the Czech Republic registered. Scientific programme was joint with cultural... Zobrazit více

  • Student exchange program

    BRoTHER: Intensive course in immunochemistry, biobanking and personalised medicine

    In the week 19th – 23th March 2018 the student exchange program was organised by University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University.

    The aim of the program was to introduce students from University Regensburg and Technical University of Munich and provide them with basic immunochemical methods in the laboratories of University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine. An important part of the program was practical training, discussions and introduction to the... Zobrazit více

  • ISBER Best Practices 4th Edition

    ISBER (International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories) releases:

    Actually published “Best Practices” presents the most effective practices for the management of both biological and environmental specimen collections and repositories. The publication will help biorepository and biobank managers, technicians and researchers to improve their collections, storage, use and governance. The “Best Practices” will lead towards increased specimen quality from collection to discovery.

    ... Zobrazit více

  • Scientific symposium of the BRoTHER project

    4.-5. december 2017, Regensburg
    Scientific symposium was organised by University Regensburg to present current most important tasks and issues in actual biobanking. Symposium was opened by the Dean of the Faculty T. Reichert, welcome address was done by the dean M. Evert, Director of the Institute of Pathology and Mrs R. Bonacková, from Bavarian-Czech Research Agency.

    The scientific part opened the coordinator of the BRoTHER Ch. Brochhausen, presenting the network of biobanks, followed by presentations on structured data by T. Rau (Switzerland), importance of... Zobrazit více

  • Workshop of the BRoTHER project

    11.-12. December 2017, Pilsen
    Workshop in Pilsen was the last meeting of project partners in 2017. The first part was devoted to the evaluation of the first year of the project duration, all partners referred about his/her work package.

    Ch. Brochhausen (Regensburg), the coordinator and WP1 leader summarised the organisational issues and the creation of a prototype of a digital pathology framework: using modern web based technologies for whole slide imaging (WSI) and virtual microscopy a tool for sharing histological image data and interactive evaluation. K.F.... Zobrazit více

  • Global Biobank Week 2017

    Towards Harmony in Biobanking

    September 13-15, 2017, Stockholm, Sweden

    Three most important actors in the field of biobanking: BBMRI-ERIC (Biobanking and BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructure – European Research Infrastructure Consortium), ESBB (European, Middle Eastern and African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking), and ISBER (International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories), organised the international congress for wide range of participants: biobankers, renowned experts, policy makers, patient advocacy groups, and... Zobrazit více

  • 44th ISOBM annual congress

    September 7-10, 2017 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

    Annual congress of the International Society of Oncology and Biomarkers (ISOBM) was one of the most important events this year in the field of oncological biomarkers. The subtitle of the congress was „Biomarkers in oncology: new horizon and challenges in diagnosis and treatment“. Six scientists from University Hospital Pilsen presented their research and clinical results.

    In the first session: Personalised Medicine in Oncology J. Kinkorová presented the new role and importance of biobanks in medical research and health care in her... Zobrazit více

  • Biobank in Teaching Hospital Pilsen – Opening Ceremony

    The official opening ceremony of the newly established Biobank in Teaching Hospital Pilsen – Bory was held on April 20, 2017 in the Department of Immunochemistry, Teaching Hospital Pilsen. Biobank is located in the reconstructed building with the aim to collect high quality samples of patients and related information for the better health care and for research both at national and international levels. All processes connected to biobanking will be optimize and improved to reach the international quality.

    The official ceremony opened the Director of the Teaching Hospital Pilsen, Mr.... Zobrazit více

  • Crossborder collaboration in BRoTHER project

    We started new crossborder collaboration with Bavarian colleagues in BRoTHER project

    Biobank Research on Telemedical Approaches for Human Biobanks in a Eurpean Region

    Bio-banking represents a pivotal prerequisite for further developments in personalized medicine. In this context, building networks of biobanks represent a crucial element to enable large multicentric clinical trials. On the European level the “Biobanking and Biomolecular... Zobrazit více

  • Graz course February 2017

    We have learned from more experienced

    The course focuses on the pre-analytic processing of biological samples according to the recently published CEN/TC Technical Specifications for "Molecular in vitro diagnostic examinations - Specifications for pre-examination processes" which are the basis for ISO standards that are currently under development.

    The three day course was coorganized by Austrian national node of BBMRI-ERIC, medical University of Graz, and Christian Doppler Research Association and was held in Institute of Pathology, Medical University of Graz... Zobrazit více