Personalised Medicine in Action

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Personalised Medicine in Action

The first conference ‘Personalised Medicine in Action’ of the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed) was held in Berlin, Germany on 20-21 November, and assembled more than 300 experts from 32 countries. At the conference best practice examples for successful implementations of personalised medicine approaches in Europe and beyond were presented.

"The funding of basic research in the broad field of personalised medicine is starting to pay off. Our conference programme showed that today patients already benefit from ground-breaking personalised therapies, e.g. for lung cancer or metabolic diseases...Fast developing technologies, successful biomedical research and wise policy making has led to several excellent pilots in national and regional health care systems across Europe.

Policy makers, research funding agencies, researchers and health care systems need to learn from this good practice to create benefits for all citizens and patients in Europe and beyond", said O’Driscoll, Director of Research Strategy and Funding at the Health Research Board (Ireland).

The first ICPerMed conference was opened by high-level representatives of the German Federal Ministries for Research & Education and Health. This, together with the welcoming speeches of representatives of the European Commission (DG RTD & CNECT) and two Members of the European Parliament, underlined the outstanding position of personalised medicine and ICPerMed in the European research agenda and at political level.

The conference programme was dedicated to successful examples for translation of personalised medicine research into added value for the patient, such as the routine implementation of personalised care for lung cancer or rare diseases. High-level key note talks on different aspects of personalised medicine broadened the conference perspective and provided international views on personalised medicine in China, India and the US.

Panel discussion of the Swedish Best Practice Example of the implementation of personalised medicine approaches